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Already over 15 clients have trusted our experience in 3D technologies

We found a top notch solution for creating interactive multimedia

It lets spectators fully sink in presented materials. Possible uses of this technology are limitless. The key to success is being understood, and there is no better way of learning about something, than seeing it.

Use Cases

Product Presentation

Let us help you with the search for the best possible form of the product presentation, to gain new clients and find interest

Indoors and Outdoors

Fully rendered models can be used to show either the inside of the building or the whole landscape surrounding it

Interactive Expositions

We can change your expo stands into interactive playgrounds by adding touch screens or augmented reality solutions

Supported Technology

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Editing reality around us provides you with many possibilities which will amaze your customers and increase their interested in your product.



Not only seeing things is important, but also interacting with them. Now your client can use products, which were not yet made.



If this reality is not enough for you, create your own world. New worlds, new possibilities. Just imagine having a million of them.

ENTERTAIN YOUR CLIENT / Amaze him with your product

With use of newest technologies you can leave your competition behind. You will make meeting your product an unforgettable experience

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