Add your features to Jolla Phone

We offer you a free mobile phone back cover, which is fully customizable with use of CAD software. It is ready for prototyping or further editions

Ready to use

You can put it to work right after downloading. The quality is praised by many satisfied customers.

Available Formats

We can help you with customizing

Our experts will assist you in creating your perfect Jolla cover. Our support is available on every step of development.

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Available Colors

Print it easily

It matches any 3D printer

Our product has been created so it could be easily used by anyone who has access to 3D printer. It is prepared for all devices and materials. PLA, ABS, PVA and HIPS were tested and all of them worked fine with no user reporting any problems. We especially recommend using PLA or ABS in this project as these materials have the best characteristics out off tested possibilities.




Avoid editing file

Let us do it for you

If you have never prepared a CAD file or you do not have time to make your own editions, we are here to assist you. We will create custom Jolla cover according to your directions, so project will be fully personalised. For people who do not have easily accessible printers, we can offer shipment of prepared back covers. Choose a color of your liking to receive own The Other Half.