Questions you should ask yourself before making an app

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Everybody says that mobile apps are necessary for a business now. Statistics seem to confirm that. According to, users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 was about 197 billion, which gives us about 28 apps per every person on Earth! A lot of people see this as an opportunity and want to jump on the bandwagon, by investing their own money. They put a lot of time and effort is making an unique customer experience in a form of a mobile app. In most cases it benefits the end-client, however, sometimes the outcome may be the opposite and the app is a failure. Is it a good idea to make a mobile app in 2018?

Before you decide on making your app, writing a business plan or start seeking investors, here are some basic questions you may want to ask yourself.

Are you the kind of business that should invest in a mobile app?

There are several types of business which benefit almost instantly from having their own mobile apps. This include banking, catering, transportation, manufacturing and social media. Are you a part of those industries or maybe you want to create something groundbreaking in an industry that hasn’t gone mobile yet. Note, the latter can be risky!

What is a purpose of an app?

How does the app add value to your customer? Does the app automate a tedious tasks? What is the “pain” and how does the app “heal” it? Does the app make certain tasks easier, faster, more convenient, safer, more engaging and fun? Is it going to extend your website offer or add extra functionality, unavailable in the desktop version? What is the killer feature of the app that no one else has?

What is your target audience?

Who will use this app: students, workers, kids, employees? What is a potential user profile like: what age, social background or sex do they have? How often does the user use different apps to purchase things online? What times of the day will user launch the app: at work, in the free time? Take into consideration as much information as you can gather about the target audience as you can.

Was about your competitors?

Is there a similar product that solves the same problem? Are there any substitutes to solving this specific task? Maybe the problem on hand can be solved better without using an app? Do competitive apps already exist on AppStore or GooglePlay? How well are they doing (number of downloads)? Are they well made? What will be the feature that will make your app stand out when compared to existing software?

How will the app make money?

What is the monetization model? Is it advertising, paid downloads, in-app purchases? Maybe a subscription or paywall? Or maybe you want your app to remain free of charge (freemium) and just use it a part of your promotion or a supplementary service.

What kind of app should you consider (native, hybrid, web)?

We have a whole other article just on that here

The main takeaway

Take a look around and see what kind of apps are used by other companies. For example, standards do we commonly use to exchange information such as orders, invoices or internal documents. How do we exchanging text, files and media fast. Look how it’s done and what works in the real world.

If you think a mobile app will add value for your user – go for it. And if you still aren’t sure what to choose – contact us, we will be happy to help you: or use our form.